USA and Canada Hearth Dealers

Embaglow is now available to North America hearth dealers. Sold to a few retailers during 2010, the use of Embaglow by manufacturers will see it's use spread across North America during 2011. This creates an opportunity for dealers wanting to stock  Embaglow for resale. 

We can ship Embaglow direct to you. Please contact us for details and prices.

UK Retailers

The new packaging is now availabel in lots of 25 and 100 to Uk retailers.

Where is Embaglow Used ?

Embaglow is used on various types of fires. It has been approved by manufacturers for use on direct vent, open fires, balanced flue fires, outdoor fire pits and bio ethanol fires.

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Launched at the UK Hearth and Home show in June 2007, Embaglow is used to create a high level on glow on gas fires and is sold across europe and North America. Although a simple idea, various materials were evaluated before eventually settling on the current high temperature metal fibre.  The fibre has a very thin diameter and responses instantly to the heat of the flame. As a consequence a shimmering glow is achieved as the gas flame moves over and then away from the fibrous ember.

Embaglow is now used on both indoor and outdoor gas fires to great effect and can be used on some bioethanol fires. The videos below show Embaglow on 2 gas fires. 


 Embaglow on a Gas Fire Embaglow on a Gas Fire with Silver Birch Logs

Installing Embaglow is easy, simply follow the instructions on the reverse of each packet to add an instant glow to fires. The video below shows how to prepare Embaglow before installing on the fire.

 Embaglow Instructions

 Embaglow has been tested to deliver at least 300- 400hrs of burning life and is available from Hearth dealers. Hearth dealers need to register an account to gain access to the trade pricing area. Once registered, send us an email with your company details we will active your account.

For 2011 Embaglow comes with new packaging. A picture of the standard 1g pack size is shown below. On the reverse of the pack are listed the "USER INSTRUCTIONS" In English. The standard pack size is 95mm x 161mm

Embaglow Wallet 1g front
Standard 1g Embaglow pack

Other sizes are available upon request.







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